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My dwarf shaman has made it past the level 30 milestone.

I rolled a new blood elf paladin as well.

Not so certain about the aspect of role playing. I sorta lost journaling about my character last week; however, what I can say about my dwarf is that he has become much more militant... which is sorta the genre that WoW goes under. The game has been fun so far. I did do some world PvP. I lost horribly to a character with equipment that levels as you play. It's a new feature in the game that sorta bugs me. How can world PvP be balanced when players have unequal equipment? It's sorta forced on WoW players to purchase the scaling equipment, so they can play competitively.

I'm not entirely competitive. The idea of world PvP is more fun than actual battles. I enjoy the thrill of being in contested lands and sneaking about with quests that force me to enter into camps and do different sorts of things. WoW has good quest writers and game design.

How did your weekend go?
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Sorry. I've been busy for the past few days.

Concerning games, I've played quite a bit of WoW.

My Shaman is now at level 20, and this is part of the game where I'm not actually sure what to do. A guild added me, and I joined just to see what the guild interface looked like. Lost interest in the guild and tried to look for an exit. No "leave guild" option button seemed available. So I logged off for the day.

Anyone else been playing games lately?
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Meet Aatolvi, a dwarf shaman from Dun Morogh.

Aatolvi thinks of himself as a healer, called to the duty of restoring peace to local regions. This idealism of course fell sharp against the hard reality of warcraft. Facing dire situations at each turn, Aatolvi developed more martial capability than he himself thought was possible. While tending to wounded warriors in Coldridge Valley on a field mission, Aatolvi found himself swept up in the combat of the battles as much as the healing.

Green tapestries, holding small dwarves, engulfed by hairy beasts. Crimson flood stained the snow cliff edge as the dwarves fought furiously to maintain ground. Blunt weapons fell upon skulls of grasping and angry warriors. Aatolvi, at first observing, felt the bloodthirst rise within. Not a minute longer, he had already leaped into the fray. His mace crushed the faces, appendages, and bodies of various manic beasts -- of their origin or language, he could not fully understand. Only that they shouted dwarven insults, a mimicked behavior, a captain of the guard said.

As the skirmish turned towards the dwarven victory, a large beast found its way towards Aatolvi, moving past the wreckage and corporeal carnage. His spear jabbed directly into the dwarf's arm, breaking into splitters and ripping up flesh and cloth. Screaming, Aatolvi tore the wooden stakes from his arm and threw his weapon against the foe. Both fell immediately.

At the inn, Aatolvi was restored to health and encouraged to go out and help restore the health of others.

He fought a few more skirmishes until it became obvious that he should go beyond the valley to seek help. After his escape, he fled to the nearest town, and reported to the guard what had happened. The barracks, however, was busy quelling the fight between dwarves and local trolls. Fatigued and spiritually damaged, Aatolvi returned to the bar in town and sat with a mug on his knee.

He decided to rest for the night.

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So I logged into my free trial WoW account.

I had a few characters already made, but none that I had any particular attachment to.

I made a Blood Elf rogue and did some quests on an RP server. The server was well-populated for a Saturday, and I did not feel like the realm is a ghost town. I'm reconsidering what realm I want to live in though.

Growing up, I thought doing a PVPRP world would be great. My friends all have toons on RP servers though.

Since they do not play so often, I'm thinking about rolling a toon on Emerald Dream.

What race and class. Have left to be decided...
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Good news everyone! Blizzard application is working on my desktop now. :)
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The Mordor expansion was released. I read an ad that promised a level boost to 105 for each expansion bought.

The offer sounds tempting as I've found that LOTRO demands a lot of time to grind to level 105. But the game has somehow lost its appeal for me.

I'm now considering WoW.
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Played Ark finally today.

The game reminds me much of Seven Days to Die rather than Minecraft.

It's a bit tricky to play. Players by default seem aggressive. And it's easy to be spawn killed quite a bit by either dinosaurs or players. My interest in actually doing well is sorta damped by the fact that I do not have a microphone to really interact with anyone. And the fact that I'm not willing to invest too much time into one sitting.

Perhaps this is a game that I won't be able to play much. :(
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Just played a few minutes of Grow Up tonight.

I admit, the game was fun, yet the controls made my hands cramp.

I had to teach myself to relax while playing the game. And it became a zen exercise.

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Playing Legion TD, during the first round, one of our allies leaves the game. Their entire spawn leaks. The team mediates if they want to kick the player as the creeps move down the field. While the low level spawns attack our hero, I say: "I think it's gg."

There's no obvious danger.

Late into the game, our foes out-wit us with a blitz near the end of the 10th round.

As we rely on our last heal, and I type: "I think we can still win."

Moments later, the end game screen appears.
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Today I went to play my copy of Ark.

To my surprise, Ark did not download onto my console as I had thought.

I actually bought an "add-on" without buying the proper game, which is $50.


The add-on, was $21, which I thought is the same as a proper game.

Nope. Joke's on me.
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MaplePine is my go-to tag for video game habits, so feel free to find me at Discord. Simply post in this comment thread, and tell me a little about yourself and the games you play.

I mostly play some Warcraft 3 custom maps.

Maybe we can lobby it up. :^)
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